Bazoocam is a free chatroulette site available both from your computer and your mobile. The chat is easy to use and gives you the means to meet new people quickly. For this purpose, you can talk with your microphone or directly with your keyboard. Moreover, the webcam is taken care of as soon as you arrive, so the conviviality is there.

The site is accessible at and is very popular among online dating enthusiasts. In addition, a series of games are available, these will help you to put in confidence your interlocutor. Indeed, what better than a game of chess to relax the atmosphere.

With the current atmosphere, Bazoocam is experiencing a very impressive resurgence in popularity. From now on, there are millions of potential partners waiting for you. Please note that the site offers to meet lovers or friends, it’s up to you.

Bazoocam Girls

As you must certainly know, a more selective chatroulette is displayed as soon as you enter: Bazoocam Girls. For some time now, this free video chat has been open to people who long to see hot and naughty girls. On this page you will find many camgirls and women who masturbate. However, you must be over 18 years old to access it safely.

Very hot girls

It’s true, the legend that the girls of Bazoocam are the hottest is real. Why are these women so exciting? Because they are amateurs who are like you and me: normal. Of course, you can also see professional cam girls on “Bazoocam girl”, no problem.

The mobile chatroulette

Actually, chatroulette is a difficult concept to put on a mobile application. Yet, bazoo cam has managed to transform its website and video chat perfectly compatible with all mobile devices.

Bazoocam Gay

If you have ever surfed various dating sites, you quickly understand that there is bound to be a section dedicated to men who like men. This area is called Bazoocam Gay and makes it easy for you to meet gay men. We have to admit it, having only men of male gender when you are looking to chat with gays: it’s perfect!

A webcam chat for men

In reality, the Bazoocam Gay chatroom is mostly frequented by gay men. However, there are many transgender and heterosexual Internet users who enjoy this webcam chat for single men.

Bazoocam Sex

Finally, sex is very present on Bazoocam. To address this concern, the site has decided to ban people who expose themselves and redirect them to the Bazoocam Sex. But what is this chat x ? Well, it’s a chatroom with only sex. On this chat, there are as many women as men. Moreover, there is no need of VPN to go there. Let’s finish with our opinion and the rating we give to Bazookam: 9.4/10 and it could go even higher!